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Elite Management Professionals takes pride in the experience and professionalism of its Association Managers. From contracting for maintenance and repairs to developing procedures, sending notices, and keeping records of legal documents, Elite Management remains perpetually on top of the game.

Administrative :

  • Coordinate board materials and present board packages prior to meetings for their review to include agenda, minutes, financial reports, managers report, contracts and bids with specifications, inspection report, correspondence, modification application summary and other board related materials.
  • Attend board meetings
  • Coordinate Annual Meeting- notices, location and time, proxies, volunteer awards, etc.
  • Rules and Regulations enforcement- Respond to and enforce Covenant violations as directed by the Board of Directors
  • Process modification requests as outlined by the Board
  • Create bid specifications for proposals and help analyze bids
  • Central communication source for the Board, homeowners, contractors, suppliers, developers, real estate agents
  • Maintain association records according to Covenants including Book of Resolutions, minutes, work order records, correspondence, modification change log, owner records, etc.
  • Distribute Welcome Packages from Association to include- letter of welcome, annual budget, modification guidelines, rules and regulation, Board list, association information, recent newsletters, and other important homeowner’s association information.
  • Coordinate and distribute mailings for association and assist in the reproduction and mailing of the community newsletter.
  • Hire and supervise any on-site personnel as directed by the Board of Directors


  • Routine property inspections for Covenant violations and preparation of letters and reports regarding inspections
  • Send work orders for service when necessary and follow-up on contractor work orders and contracts
  • Negotiate contract on behalf of the association
  • Review physical common property and determine preventive maintenance needed Coordinate specifications and for major repair and improvements when needed and consult with qualified personnel when necessary
  • 24 hour emergency line for homeowners and contractors


  • Agent shall, throughout the term of this Agreement, and at Agent’s expense:
  • Maintain a Commercial General Liability policy with limits of $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 aggregate.
  • Maintain a Workers Compensation and Employers Liability policy with minimum limits per statutory requirements.
  • Maintain a Business Automobile Liability policy with minimum limits per statutory requirements.
  • Maintain Employee Dishonesty Insurance coverage in an amount not less than $250,000 applicable to all of Agent’s partners, principals, owners, employees, and agents. In lieu of this insurance, Agent may provide the Board with proof of a bond issued to and held by Agent that covers employee dishonesty and theft and that applies to all of Agent’s partners, principals, owners, employees, and agents. The expense of such bonding shall be paid by Agent. Association may purchase additional coverage at Association’s expense.

Managing finances properly takes experience and commitment when it comes to association management. Elite Management Professionals will assist the Board in the preparation of a budget that includes annual operations budget as well as long-term budget for capital improvements and replacement reserves. We will collect homeowner’s dues, assessments, late fees and user fees, pay association invoices and much more.

Accounts Receivable  :

  • Maintain homeowner’s accounts
  • Mail payment coupon books or invoices
  • Deposit homeowner checks received daily
  • Collect delinquent accounts according to collection policy
  • Work with attorney to process liens and litigation
  • Maintain and update homeowner addresses

Accounts Payable :

  • Process invoices after checking against work orders and contracts
  • Pay bills on time to ensure good credit rating for association
  • Create report for Board of all checks processed

Financial Statements & Services :

  • Supply to Treasurer and Board balance sheets, budget comparison cash flow statement, vendor ledger, expense register, aged receivables summary, copies of invoices and bank statements, bank statement reconciliation report
  • Prepare annual budget and distribute approved budget to homeowners
  • Support the development of reserves
  • File year-end tax forms required by the IRS
  • Prepare end of year financial statements for presentation to the auditor. Assist the auditor during the year end audits.

Other Accounting Functions :

  • Prepare records for an annual audit to be performed by a Certified Public Accountant. Provide copies for board of the audited financial statement and tax returns.

Please note our payment options have upgraded and now allow Visa in addition to all major credit cards. You will now need to register for the website if you have not done so already to make your secure payment. This site allows you to link directly to your account and see your payment history. Specific community websites can found on the communities tab. When making a payment. Please review account information before it is submitted for payment. Owners are responsible for verifying this information.

If you are looking to make a swim club membership payment please contact the Elite office at 919-233-7660.

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