Real Estate Transfer
Request for Information

If requested four (4) or more business days from closing there is a $75.00 service fee for providing information to facilitate the sale of the property. If this request is made three days or less from the closing the service fee will be $100.00. There will be a $15.00 charge for each requested update of information on this form.

Closing Attorney Information Trailwood Springs

Firm Information

Current Owner's Information

Buyers Information

Credit Card Information

Credit Card
Elite Management Professionals will issue refunds to sellers who have a credit balance. A forwarding address for the seller must be submitted in writing with a request for refund to Elite Management Professionals to the address below. Auto drafts must be cancelled in writing. Please note passes, keys and FOBS must be transferred to the new owner.
All checks should be mailed to Elite Management Professional at the address below.
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